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Arshmaan Food Stuff Trading F.Z.E

"Fresh Everyday"

Global Fruit & Veg is a company registered in England and Wales  

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About Arshmaan Food Stuff Trading F.Z.E

Arshmaan Fruit & Veg is a fast growing company that is based in United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman and Qatar with many suppliers from more than 20 countries and more than 300 customers around the UK & Europe and Mideast.

We have worked hard to get a great reputation from both our suppliers and buyers.

Arshmaan Fruit & Veg has a solid credit financial position that’s helping it to expand the business even more.

We are experts in importing the best quality of fresh fruits and vegetables from different countries around the world to cater to our ever-growing customer base in the Mideast and UK & mainland Europe.

​Our mission at Arshmaan Food Stuff Trading F.Z.E is to ensure that all of our customers and suppliers are satisfied in terms of ensuring the best of prices for our suppliers and the best of quality for our customers.

​We work with different logistics companies to ensure that our products are delivered to our customers in a timely and orderly manner all across the Mideast and UK and EU.

We also have our company vans that are operating 24-7 across the Gulf to deliver our fresh products.

We serve wholesalers in the wholesale markets around the Gulf such as Al-Ain, Rak, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. And more.

We also deliver to shops, restaurants, caterers, and hotels Like Hotel PlazaHayat Grand/Hayat regency and more.

Arshmaan Food Stuff Trading F.Z.Ehas a diverse team with different strengths and experiences in the importation, marketing & selling of fresh produce, to ensure that our clients and suppliers are satisfied when doing business with us.

​​We look forward to doing business with you!

Arshmaan Food Stuff Trading F.Z.E

"Fresh Everyday"

Inspiring Healthy Living

Why Choose Us

Our food is strictly organic. No shortcuts, no greenwashing, only the best quality organic food certified by reputable bodies and sourced as possible. This means no 'spray free', 'chemical free' or 'clean 15' produce because there are synthetic chemicals including pesticides, herbicides and fungicides used in the growing process which are harmful to consumers, animals and our environment. Our farmers and suppliers know that we expect the purest and best quality foods and products for our customers. We encourage this integrity from all organic retailers.

We are passionate about delivering the best organic food and service to save you a lot of time and encourage you to make healthy choices. We have taken care in selecting nutrient dense, delicious, ethical, environmentally friendly foods and beautiful items in the store, W are sure you'll love them too!


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